SEO Structure For New World

When thinking of creating an new Search Engine Optimization site and structure you are always going to look for creative ways to increase readership on your site.  Real content is the main ingredient in any SEO process.   You need to provide value to your readers.  If there is no value there is no need for anyone to read your post or content.  Correct??


So with that said lets look at a few things people abuse of create Spam mistakes when doing SEO.




1.  People over use the topic or keyword they are writing about.  This is by using the keyword in every paragraph in the header in the footer.  This makes the document hard to read and also makes it just look like spam.

2. The complete site has the main keyword everywhere.  Your keyword should only be on the site no more than 3 times.

3.  I have lately seen people using images for the same technique to over use alt tags and not create value to their readers.  What good is high ranked content if no one is going to read it?  If a user lands on your page what will engage them to stay on the page and keep reading instead of just hitting the back arrow?


Those are just a few things to make sure you do not do when writing new content for your projects.  Local SEO is not as hard as you may think.  You need to learn how to do on page optimization and then off page optimization.  Once you have figured a process that will work for you then rinse and repeat the strategy over and over.


With SEO testing is a must.  It is continues process to always find what is working in today’s market to rank your site on the first page of Google and Bing.